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New ≠ good. I think and write about moral imagination, technology, and sometimes about process and organisational design.

Nowadays I do three things:

  1. I advise organisations on issues like growth, strategy, and change

  2. I facilitate convenings about the interaction between society, power, and technology

  3. I work with clients in industry, civil society, and philanthropy to solve novel problems

And when I do these three things, I learn loads. New words and concepts, new ways of thinking about things, and new ways of doing things. And when a project is over, I'm stuck holding them. And mulling over them. I'd like to explore them in conversation. With you! Expect a post with a new idea twice a month.

A bit about me

I founded Computer Says Maybe to support people and teams consciously building technology for social benefit or at least not just for profit. Before that, I founded The Engine Room to service amazing activists around the world to get things done with technology. If you work in philanthropy and want to shape your approach to funding technology, go grab a copy of my guide How To Fund Tech.

You can find me on Twitter @alixtrot.

The Relay is edited by Georgia Iacovou.