The Relay: a reboot

Thoughts on technology, systems, and our moral imagination. New ≠ good.

Oh hi! The Relay is getting a reboot. My writing process isn't fit for purpose, and it's definitely not fit for a parent in a pandemic. In 2021, I'm changing how I write, what I write about, and how often I write.

What you get if you subscribe

Nowadays I do three things:

  1. I advise organisations on issues like growth, strategy, and change

  2. I facilitate convenings about the interaction between society, power, and technology

  3. I work with clients in industry and civil society to solve novel problems

And when I do these three things, I learn loads. New words and concepts, new ways of thinking about things, and new ways of doing things. And when a project is over, I'm stuck holding them. And mulling over them. I'd like to explore them in conversation. With you! Expect a post with a new idea twice a month.

A bit about me

I founded Computer Says Maybe to support people and teams consciously building technology for social benefit or at least not just for profit. Before that, I founded The Engine Room to service amazing activists around the world to get things done with technology.

You can find me on Twitter @alixtrot.

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